Thermomix® is sold directly from Mixtos online shop, shop.mixto.no/products/tm6 Being introduced to Thermomix® by an advisor gives the opportunity to get to know the different functions and how to use them. As a customer you can benefit from personalized advice and guidance both before and after your potential purchase of the Thermomix®.

Thermomix® combines the functions of more than twelve food appliances in one device and can weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, precisely heat, stir and emulsify. Whether you are preparing daily meals for the family, making yourself an occasional snack or spoiling guests with fancy recipes − with the Thermomix ®, it can all be done in a flash. The spectrum ranges from simply boiling eggs and making salad dressings and dips to pesto, steamed fish, risotto, liqueur or ice cream. No icing sugar or vanilla sugar in the house? Or did someone forget to buy stock cubes? It doesn’t matter because the Thermomix ® can make these things, too! If required, it can also be used to crush ice, to knead bread and cake dough or to mix refreshing smoothies and shakes. There’s a good reason why the Thermomix ® has seven million enthusiastic users and is the most popular food processor of its type in the world

The short answer is that you can cook very quickly and extremely easily. The concept of the Thermomix® is based on a perfectly complimentary combination of sophisticated, intelligent technology and customised recipes that are exactly tailored to the Thermomix® for guaranteed success. They can be found in the many Thermomix® cookbooks, recipe booklets, customer magazines and on the Thermomix® Recipe Platform. Anyone who follows the instructions and quantities is sure to achieve the desired results

The Thermomix® is the ideal solution for every lifestyle. Thanks to its versatility and numerous possible applications, it can be used in a variety of ways. Parents who cook for themselves and their families every day find it to be a fast and uncomplicated kitchen assistant that saves time and helps them to cook fresh and healthy meals. People just learning to cook benefit from the fact that it operates independently and, of course, from the recipes with guaranteed success, which simplifies cooking. More than a few users have grown from amateur cooks into smart hosts thanks to Thermomix®. Passionate hobby cooks are also inspired by the variety of culinary delights on offer and often begin to experiment with the Thermomix® for themselves to discover entirely new dishes. Even professional and gourmet chefs, who depend on consistently perfect results, trust the Thermomix®. They use it whenever they need it for selected steps during preparation or for certain dishes.

The invention of the Thermomix® 50 years ago was a revolution because a food processor with so many functions that could independently take care of almost every step in food preparation was unthinkable. The Thermomix® is widely regarded as the original multi-functional food processor for good reason. Today, this revolutionary device goes one step further and is continuously being developed in terms of both its technical capabilities and Vorwerk’s unique and comprehensive service package, which includes thousands of tailored recipes. Thermomix® customers are provided with personal support and a precise demonstration of all functions from local representatives before purchase. After purchasing their Thermomix®, customers continue to receive individual support, are given a detailed introduction to the appliance, have many opportunities to compare notes with experts and like-minded people and are able seek information, ideas and valuable tips both in person and online.

All accessories are included in the Thermomix® basic hardware. This saves space in the kitchen and reduces the need for a number of bowls, pots and dishes as well as effort while cooking. The accessories include the Varoma attachment for steaming, which makes it possible to easily preserve vitamins in fresh ingredients and cook low-fat meals. There is a simmering basket for side dishes such as rice, potatoes or vegetables and for sieving fruit juices. Mousse, cream or egg whites can be beaten with the butterfly whisk, which can simply be attached to the knife. Beyond this, no further individual parts are required to use the entire range of functions. The entire device is designed with quality and efficiency in mind − even the sealing plug for the lid of the mixing bowl can also be used as a measuring cup!

Thermomix® customers benefit from a unique, large and diverse selection of recipes. A selection can be found in the many Thermomix® cookbooks, recipe booklets and on the new Thermomix® Recipe Platform, all of which make it easy to maintain a balanced diet. Information regarding this and how to order can be found on your country website. Those who enjoy discussing their experiences or would like to share recipes with others can meet others at local cooking courses or contact members of the online fan base via the official community pages or Facebook.

Ordering a demo is the best way to discover Thermomix®, completely free and without obligations to buy. At a Thermomix® demo, one of our advisors will show you the Thermomix®. There you can get acquianted with all of the machines functions while cooking several tasty dishes. You and your guests can then enjoy taste samples from the Thermomix® while learning tips and tricks on how to use the machine.

A Thermomix advisor can offer a free demo with a presentation of the machine and 4-course cooking experience in your home. The advisor also offers a free participation in a level 1 cooking class within 3 months of your purchase. Having an advisor will give you access to guidance, tips and advice on how to use Thermomix and explore the almost unlimited possibilities.

Have you purchased a Thermomix without an advisor and would like a demo? We are more than happy to put you in contact with one of our advisors. Contact us at kundeservice@mixto.no.

Would you like to work around your own schedule and spread enthusiasm around Thermomix? You are very welcome to join our team as a Thermomix advisor for Mixto. Contact us for more information.

A more intuitive, seamless, failsafe & inspirational way to cook lets you create better meals with less effort. Unites more than 20 appliances in one - chopping, high temperature, kneading, steaming, etc. Perfecting new and innovative modes like high temperature, sous-vide, slow cooking and whip. Ever evolving recipe book with more than 40,000 recipes plus built in guided cooking. A completely intuitive and personalized, evolving experience. Cookidoo on device, no cook-key, no PC or App necessary, automated synchronization of all Cookidoo content. Big 6,8 inch display, 16GB memory. New assecories for safety use.

TM5 recipe can be cooked with TM6. TM6- only recipes with automated modes are not compatible with TM5

TM6 accessories like knife and bowl are not compatible with TM5 and vice-versa. Splasguard, measuring cup, basket, lid and varoma can be used for TM5 and TM6.

We recommend all owners of Thermomix in Norway to register their Cookidoo® profile on the International Cookidoo® platform, Cookidoo.international. On this platform you can choose Norway as country and Norwegian as language. It is also possible to choose other European languages. If you already registered on a different Cookidoo® platform within Europe, it is not necessary to move the account to the International platform. However, if you registered your account in a different region, for example on the American Cookidoo.com, and wish to have Norway as country with Norwegian as language, you have to contact us at kundeservice@mixto.no to move the account to Cookidoo.international. NB! It could take up to 1-2 weeks to move an account, as this is processed by Vorwerk.

With the registration on Cookidoo® you receive the trial subscription Cookidoo®, with which you get free access to all contents of Cookidoo® for 30 days. If you then decide to buy and use the Cook-Key for your TM5, when you activate the Cook-Key® on Cookidoo® you will automatically receive the free trial subscription Cookidoo® and have free access to Cookidoo® for six months. When you are buying a TM6 and register the device on Cookidoo®, you will automatically receive the free trial subscription for Cookidoo® and have free access for seven months. After that, you may have access to Cookidoo® by purchasing the annual subscription of 36 EURO.

After you have purchased a yearly subscription it will automatically be renewed every year. You will receive a notification about automatic renewal 30 days before the subscription is renewed. If you wish to end your subscription, you will have to do this at least 1 day before the automatic renewal date.

No, TM6 comes with some recipes ready to use. For more recipes register to Cookidoo® and explore the basic cookbook (no subscription needed).

With TM6 you can log in to your Cookidoo® account directly on your Thermomix. The machine and your account will then automatically synchronize. Log in and synchronization requires a connection to Wi-Fi. You can find an overview of available networks under settings -> Wi-Fi. Choose the network you want to connect to, enter password and press “log in”. The list of Wi-Fi networks will change status to “Connecting” and if connection is successful, status will be changed to “Connected”. TIP: If it is not possible to connect to your network, try placing your Thermomix TM6 next to the router to maximize signal strength. When the connection is successful, the Thermomix TM6 will be able to stay connected with a greater distance from the router. For TM5 the Cook-key can be activated via your Cookidoo® profile on PC, tablet or mobile under “my devices”. The Cook-key is activated by typing in the Cook-key ID, which is located on the Cook-key, and pressing activate.

Register your account on Cookidoo.international on PC, tablet or mobile. Type in your email address, a password and choose country. After this registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Then you just click “activate my account” and you have access to Cookidoo®.

It is not possible to download the Cookidoo app in Norwegian app stores. If you would like to use Cookidoo on your phone, you can use it through a browser. The Cookidoo website can easily be saved to your home screen for easy access. For iPhone: Access Cookidoo.international -> Select the middle icon on the bottom of the screen (square with an arrow pointing up) -> Scroll down and select "add to homescreen"-> Select Add. For Android: Access Cookidoo.international -> Select the three dots in the upper right corner -> Select add to home screen -> Select add.

These are the available modes for TM6: Scales, Turbo, Dough, Pre-Clean, Kettle, Blend, Slow Cook, Whip, Sous-vide, Fermentation, High Temperature, Sugar Stages.

The Varoma mode is still the highest temperature you can use for manual cooking. 160° is only integrated in Cookidoo guided recipes as part of the TM6 modes. A usage despite of this is technically blocked for security reasons.

The Dough mode can be used for create doughs especially yeast doughs and other heavy doughs. Maximal weight is 1000g. The Dough mode can be used until the temperature reaches 60° and 600 rpm speed. Please use the measuring cup when you use it to avoid ingredients splash out of the mixing bowl. When you have heavy doughs you can use the spatula for a better kneading result.

Chop with high speed up to 10,700 rotations per minute. The Turbo mode can be used for a short chopping from 0.5 – 2 seconds at the highest speed. Turbo can be used until the temperature reaches 60°. Please use the measuring cup when you use turbo to avoid ingredients splash out of the mixing bowl. You can use this mode e.g. for grating parmesan, bread coarse, mill peppercorns or sugar.

Weighs in 1g intervals. Scales can be used until speed 4. Only until 3 kg can be measured in one measurement. 6 kg is the maximum accumulated weight measurable. Measure available in kg and oz.

Heat 100-1800 g water between 37° (e.g. baby bottles) and 100° (e.g tea, pasta). Attention: Please use your measuring cup to prevent the water boiling over. Kettle is a mode used to heat up water, like any other electric kettle, not milk. Therefore no overboiling should occur.

Cleaning the Thermomix ® is as simple as cooking with it. Pour a maximum of 1 litre water and a little drop of dish soap or 50 g vinegar in mixing bowl and Thermomix® will pre-clean itself. Also helps when your knife is stuck (in such cases it can take up to 1 hour). Please use your measuring cup to prevent splashing and don’t use more soap than indicated or foam will come out of mixing bowl . Mode to pre-clean mixing bowl making much easier to clean mixing bowl. All individual parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher as they are made from non-corrodible material and are dishwasher safe. The Thermomix ® itself can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

With this mode you can ferment certain foods at a constant temperature. Set the time up to 12 hours ahead with a temperature between 37-70°. This mode can be used to ferment yoghurt or prove a yeast dough in Varoma dish in a warm environment created by the hotter temperature of the water in mixing bowl. To protect against the possibility of rust, the juice of half a squeezed lemon or a level teaspoon of vitamin C/ascorbic acid powder must be added to the water. Max. time 12 h allowed as long as the recipes in Guided Cooking include ascorbic acid or lemon juice in the water in mixing bowl when fermentation takes place in Varoma.

Purées, soups, smoothies, they all are made in this mode. Put the ingredients in the mixing bowl up to maximum 2 kilo. Please use your measuring cup, to prevent ingredients splashing out of the bowl.

This mode lets you cook vacuum-packed meat, fish and seafood, vegetables or fruit with any defined and constant temperature between 40-85° for up to 12 hours. The result will be juicy, soft and tender. Place meat, fish, vegetables (or even chocolate) in a vacuum-packed bag, place the bag in the simmering basket and cover it with water. Please use your measuring cup to prevent ingredients splashing out of the mixing bowl. To protect against the possibility of rust, the juice of half a squeezed lemon or a level teaspoon of vitamin C/ascorbic acid powder must be added to the water.

Sugar stages mode is only available on TM6. For safety reasons it is only possible to cook with a temperatur above 120 degrees in guided cooking. There are many caramel recipes on Cookidoo.International. For example, caramel sauce, caramel pudding, honeycomb, caramel brittle, lollipops and other sweets. Caramel is made at a very high temperature. Therefore, it is very important to be careful and not let the caramel come in contact with the skin before it cools.

No, because the highest reachable temperature is not high enough to fry your ingredients. Also, out of security reasons, this use is not intended for the TM6.

If you swipe to the left at the home screen, you are in the modes screen and can select the desired mode.

Thermomix must be placed on a clean, flat and sturdy surface. Leave sufficient distance between the machine and edge of the work space. Always keep your machine dry and clean at all times. It is especially important to keep the area around the pins underneath the mixing bowl and the contact point i the base, clean and dry. Make sure that no liquids or dirt get into the main unit. The main unit should never be exposed to liquids. It should only be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. All other parts (except main unit) are dishwasher safe. The plastic parts, especially the mixing bowl lid, should be placed in the top dishwasher tray to prevent deformation from heat or pressure from objects above. Always follow the instructions for amounts described in documents included with the machine (Basic Cookbook and instructions manual), and as described in Thermomix recipes.

Take care of the digital scales and sensors in the feet of your Thermomix. When moving the machine: Thermomix must be liftet straight up and down. The machine must never be pushed back and forth in the work space. If it is transported in the wrong way, the feet can be damaged and the scales stop working. When you add ingredients: Do not hit the mixing bowl edges with the spatula or other tools to loosen ingredients while you cook (you can lift the mixing bowl out of the main unit if necessary). Respect the limitations: You can weigh 3 + 3 kg with the scales, in total 6 kg.

Do not manipulate or try to manually open the locking arms. This includes if the machine is stuck or perceived slower than usual. If the locking arms are stuck: Wait a few minutes before you turn the machine off. Wait another few minutes before you turn the machine on again. For transport: If the machine cannot be put in transport mode, make sure to wrap and protect the locking arms well with bubblewrap or similar.

This is a wear and tear part which is small and fragile and must be treated carefully. Put the mixing bowl carefully in and out of position.

Depending on how hard you twist the selector, it will have a shorter or longer lifespan. Make sure that any dirt accumulated around the selector is consecutively cleaned.

If the mixing knife is broken around the axis, it can indicate that the bowl has been filled with contents and/or amounts which have caused too much resistance and possibly a blockage. For safety reasons, the machine is designed so that the axis of the knife becomes the weakest point in this type of overload. This prevents other much more expensive components, such as the engine, from being damaged. The mixing knife on Thermomix is designed to cut hard food. The knife is one of the machine's wear and tear parts that you must expect to have to replace after a certain time. On average, the knife lasts for about 300 hours of use. The more you use it on hard food, of course, the lifespan of the knife is reduced.

The spatula can be used to mix or stir ingredients in the mixing bowl while the engine is running (through the hole in the lid). Insert it from the top of the bowl through the hole in the mixing bowl lid. The safety plate on the spatula ensures that it does not come into contact with the mixing knife. This means that you can use the spatula through the lid, while you cook, stir or chop food in your Thermomix. You can remove the hot simmering basket from the mixing bowl by using the hook on the spatula. Place the hook on the spatula in the notch on the simmering basket. 1. Make sure that the hook is firmly attached. 2. Remove the simmering basket from the mixing bowl using the handle on the spatula. You can transfer the simmeringbasket to the sink to allow water to drain off. 3. You can remove the spatula by taking the hook out of the notch. If the spatula comes in contact with a sharp object such as the knife in the mixing bowl or something else, it may tear and be damaged.

If your Thermomix is cracked in the cover / housing by, for example, falling to the ground, being stepped on or not being transported carefully, it is necessary to replace the part / parts that are cracked. Cracks can cause the machine to not work optimally and can result in other parts being damaged.

Thermomix TM6 is constantly being improved. It is therefore important to always install new software updates on your Thermomix TM6. Software updates are necessary for bug fixes, new features and for your machine to be at its best. When a new software update is available, you will receive a notification on your Thermomix TM6. If you want to check for and install new updates, you can do this under "Settings" on the machine.

Unfortunately, TM Friend is not sold in Norway yet. TM Friend bought abroad does not work with Thermomix in Norway.