Try it before you buy it

Cooking is about sharing, and in that spirit we want to make sure that you get the most out of your Thermomix ® experience. Before you make a purchase, book a live demo and we will come over to cook in your kitchen – to show you just how easy and fun it can be!


Step 1

Get in touch

Fill up the Booking Form. A Thermomix® consultant will connect with you to help arrange for a demo.


Step 2

Take a cooking class

Witness firsthand how the Thermomix® works. You can order from your consultant after the demo.


Step 3

Take your Thermomix® home

Once you have placed your order to our consultant, we will deliver the Thermomix® to your address.


How to pay

Option 1

NOK 15990

One time payment

You can pay by card or Vipps in our online store

Option 2


Payment plan with Klarna

We offer a variety of installment options from Klarna https://www.klarna.com/no/ for you to choose from.

Live the Experience

Hosting is fun! Book a Thermomix ® Experience to truly understand its power and value. One of our expert Advisors will prepare a three-course meal for you and your guests while you relax and experience the wonder of Thermomix ®.

What is a demo?


Design your experience


How to prep


Host & win


What is a demo?

Enjoy an interactive cooking experience with our Advisors using a Thermomix ®.

Invite your friends to enjoy a Thermomix ® cooked meal and learn how easy it can be!


Thermomix is loved by everyone who likes to cook real food easily and quickly. It is endorsed and applauded by professional chefs and food makers, as well as amateurs and hobby chefs.

“Thermomix – My best friend in the kitchen. I use it to make the best purees, delicious sauces, ice cream, kneaded doughs, steam dumplings and I even have one at home. My family benefits from real, fast and easy cooking every day”

- Tore Stalsberg, chef at Scandic Maritim in Haugesund

“Here at Kontrast, Thermomix is one of our best employees. We use it daily for many different tasks. Everything from mixing purees and creams, to making hollandaise sauces, duck liver cream and other hot stuff. The demand to use our Thermomix was so high that we had to buy one more.”

- Mikael Svensson, Founder-CEO-Chef at restaurant Kontrast in Oslo  (Michelin star)

“I use it (Thermomix) for everything”

- Kim Daniel Mikalsen, chef

“Thermomix is one of the most important tools we have in the kitchen”

- Chef, Nicolai Ellitsgaard Restaurant Under, Lindesnes (Michelin Star)

“I have used Thermomix since 2011. It increases food pleasure and saves me many hours in the kitchen week after week. I am very pleased and highly recommend it to both beginners and advanced food makers”

- Olav Birkeland, hobby-chef and food lover

“I am still in the early learning stages with my Thermomix, none the less I am pleased with it so far. I have managed to make several servings of very airy and good yeast dough, fragrant soups and pestos and it chops nuts and almonds at an amazing pace. I look forward to using it further.”

- Marit Westlie, blogger / influencer

“With the help of Thermomix, it is easier to improve your diet and change your lifestyle”

- Margit Vea, dietician, course instructor & author