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Thermomix® gives you endless possibilities you had never imagined.

Introducing TM6

Besides chopping, frying, kneading or steaming new Thermomix® TM6 can even fries 160° or slow cook – in total it unites more than 20 appliances in one. It does sous vide (vacuum cooking) and it ferments. No matter what you like to eat or how you like to cook – Thermomix® will not only make home cooking easier, but also give you unlimited cooking inspiration and how-to-instructions for the food you like.


Now get additional safety instructions on your Thermomix® device

Due to a very rare occurrence of a problem when using the Thermomix® TM6 measuring cup, we have released a new version of the TM6 and TM5 software. In Cookidoo®, all recipes involved have been updated so that they are available to you in Guided Cooking with additional safety instructions. Your Thermomix® device will guide you step by step during the cooking process and instruct you on which cover to use for the hole in your mixing bowl lid depending on your preparation or selected cooking function.

Learn more about the new software update

Take a closer look at the different modes of Thermomix® TM6 ™


Mix and knead perfect dough like a professional baker. Thermomix® dough mode is superb for bread, pizza, brioche and past. The special built in interval dough mode ensures optimal rising.


With the Varoma, you can cook a complete meal all at the same time. Add water to the mixing bowl, place potatoes in the simmering basket, vegetables in the Varoma dish, and fish or meat in the Varoma tray. Set the temperature and you'll have a healthy meal in minutes.


Get perfectly chopped ingredients in seconds. Just set the speed to control how the course or fine you want your ingredients chopped. Thermomix® chops onions, vegetables, fruits herbs and so much more.

Slow Cooking

Boil up to 8.3 dl. meat for 1-8 hours at temperatures between 37 - 98 ° C to prepare stews. Perfect for tougher pieces of meat, the results are tender and melt in the mouth. Available with the use of blade cover.


Now it's easy and quick to make your own mayonnaise or dressing. Drizzle oil on the mixing bowl lid and let it drip into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Thermomix takes care of the rest.


Make your own honeycomb, caramel, brittle, caramel, lollipops and other sweets. Depending on the temperature you will end up with thread (e.g. syrup), soft ball (e.g. fudge), firm ball (e.g. soft caramels), hard ball (e.g. nougat), soft crack (e.g. chewy sweets), hard crack (e.g. toffee), clear liquid, brown liquid (e.g. liquid caramel). Available in Guided Cooking only.


Used for making homemade yoghurts, the accurate and constant temperature creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Also suitable for assisting the proving of doughs, leave mixtures to ferment for 12 hours at temperatures between 98-208°F


Vacuum boil meat, fish, vegetables and fruit for 0 -12 hours at temperatures between 37 - 98 ° C for extremely tender and juicy results. Available with the use of the knife cover.


With the built-in scale you can weigh everything with precision directly into the mixing bowl as you mix and cook. Just reset the scale using the tare button to weigh all your ingredients one after another to ensure perfect results every time.


Make your favorite sauces and custards with the touch of a button, no whisk required. Place ingredients in Mixing Bowl, select Thicken Mode, set the temperature, and turn Selector Button to start. Thermomix®️ controls cooking time based on the amount and type of ingredients, and temperature.


Thermomix® offers unparalleled control over temperature. Integrated sensors in the mixing bowl regulate precise temperatures. Now it's easy to melt chocolate and prepare delicate sauces such as hollandaise.


With the help of the butterfly whisk attachment, you can whip cream or whisk egg whites quickly and easily. Just set the speed to a moderate 2-4 to get perfect results. It's so practical and all done in 1 bowl.


Brown onions for enhanced flavor in your dishes or meat that will be browned and flavorful. Available in Guided Cooking only.


Thermomix makes the most demanding whipping and whisking tasks easy. The secret to getting great results when whipping with the Thermomix is to use the butterfly whisk attachment. The unique design of the butterfly whisk helps to add air to the mixture in order to create light, fluffy textures.


Grind perfect coffee, finely grate parmesan and even prepare your own confectioners’ sugar. Just decide how fine by adjusting speed and duration. Powerful motor and high-quality blade


No more standing and stirring. Get perfect results with risotto, rice pudding, custard and expert recipes like bechamel. Just set the Thermomix® to the lowest speed and your food will be stirred gently as it cooks.


Sauté with ease with the Thermomix ® TM6 using our High Temperature function (available only with Guided Cooking).


The powerful motor and perfectly designed bowl and blade make blending in your Thermomix® effortless. Simply use the automatic blending to get silk results.


Cleaning Thermomix® is as easy as cooking with it. Pour a maximum of 1 liter of water and a small drop of detergent or 50 g of vinegar into the mixing bowl and Thermomix® will pre-clean itself. Also helps if the knife is stuck (in such cases it can take up to 1 hour). NOTE: Use the measuring cup to prevent splashing and do not use more soap than indicated otherwise foam will come out of the mixing bowl. Pre-cleaning mode of the mixing bowl makes it much easier to clean the bowl


Heat 100-1800 g water between 37 ° (for eg baby bottles) and 100 ° (for eg tea, pasta). NOTE: Please use the measuring cup to prevent the water from boiling over.


Thermomix is one of the most powerful blenders. The user-friendly control panel gives you precise speed control so you can easily prepare a wide range of food. Make perfect cake tubes and mixes.


Thermomix® keeps track of your cooking time and gives you precise and constant temperature. Thermomix® will stop at the exact time you need. You just have to wait until you hear the sound that will remind you when the recipe is ready

Rice Cooker

You never have to overcook rice again! Put the rice in the mixing bowl with water and spices, select the Rice Cooker mode and turn the selector knob to start. The temperature and cooking time will be automatically controlled by Thermomix.


Thermomix has an incredibly powerful motor and solid knives that can easily crush ice, nuts, vegetables and much more!


Let Thermomix take care of the grating of the cheese in just a few seconds!

What’s in the package?

The Thermomix® basic package contains a cookbook with more than 200 recipes that you can use in Guided Cooking mode. Your Thermomix® TM6 is fully equipped with everything you need.

It comes with the latest release of Basic Cookbook, mixing bowl, Varoma, simmering basket with lid, splash guard, butterfly whisk, new and improved spatula and measuring cup.

  • Appliance

  • Sim. Basket

  • Mixing-knife

  • Measuring cup

  • Spatula

  • Book

  • Mixing-bowl

  • Mixing-bowl lid

  • Varoma

  • Butterfly-whisk

  • Splash-guard

Integration with Cookidoo®

With the TM6 you now have direct access to Cookidoo ®. You can freely browse recipes, be inspired, make plans or immediately start cooking at any time via the Thermomix display. A second device is no longer necessary to get to Cookidoo®. Over 40,000 delicious recipes are permanently available through a Cookidoo® subscription, directly on the Thermomix® and are just waiting to be discovered.

And plenty of extra benefits

Country Warranty

Thermomix is a high quality kitchenappliance that is meant to last for many years in a private kitchen with normal daily use. For consumer purchases, 5 years warranty is provided in Norway, and 2 years on consumables.

Personalised support

Mixto's Thermomix advisors can provide guidance and inspiration in using the machine, both before and after your purchase, with demo and basic cooking class. In addition, our customer service can be contacted on weekdays on phone no.: 21 42 06 06 and by e-mail: kundeservice@mixto.no

Service and repair

Thermomix is a kitchen appliance of top quality, developed by German engineers and manufactured in Germany and France. If an incident should still occur, we offer service and repair with spare parts for Thermomix TM31, TM5 and TM6. E-mail: service@mixto.no

Cooking classes

In addition to a free pre-purchase demo, you are entitled to a free Level 1 cooking class within 3 months after the purchasing of your Thermomix. You can find our cooking class offers click here