Thermomix® TM6:
Because cooking is all about enjoyment


Have some leftovers in the fridge? Reheat sauces, soups, baby food, milk and more in no time for maximum cooking efficiency.

Sous Vide

Become an expert at braising meat and fish using the new sous vide function.


Make homemade yoghurt with the new fermenting function and discover completely new taste sensations.

Slow Cooking

Use the slow cooking function to create succulent pulled pork dishes for your next barbecue.

Egg boiler

Boil your eggs to exactly the right consistency every time without having to set the temperature or cooking time.


Successfully prepare delicious sauces, like Hollandaise and Béarnaise with minimum effort.

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An eye-catching new update

Creating mouth-watering culinary delights with your TM6 just got even more interactive! The latest update from Thermomix® comes with two new video features:

• Inspirational Videos

Previously only available on Cookidoo® via the app or the website this new feature is now available directly on your TM6. Need some kitchen inspiration? Look no further: our videos will help you find your creativity.

• Motion guide in recipes

Thermomix® has launched a revolutionary new feature – step-by-step video guides within recipes. After you select one of the video-enabled recipes from the extensive Cookidoo® recipe library, it will guide you through the cooking process, providing instructions on complicated steps which you can watch on the TM6’s built-in quality display. The videos are so simple to follow that they don’t require any audio instructions, and you can play, pause or stop them at any time. They will also remain on the current step until your Thermomix® has finished preparing the ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about catching up or rewinding.

The videos are streamed online, which means there’s no need for any storage space on your TM6, and they are exclusive to your Thermomix® device (you don’t need to boot up your iPad, PC or smartphone or download an app to view them). Try the new video feature on your TM6 today and transform your kitchen into a revolutionary cooking experience!


Thermomix® takes care of the chopping, mixing and cooking so that you have more time for family and friends.


Smart at heart – packed with innovative technology, the new Thermomix® makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious dishes.


Discover new ideas and mouth-watering recipes every day in the world’s largest cookbook.


Thermomix® guides you through each recipe step by step, guaranteeing great results every time you cook.


Unleash your creativity in the kitchen – with over 20 different functions including browning, slow cooking and fermenting.

Thermomix is loved by everyone who likes to cook real food easily and quickly. It is endorsed and applauded by professional chefs and food makers, as well as amateurs and hobby chefs.

“Thermomix – My best friend in the kitchen. I use it to make the best purees, delicious sauces, ice cream, kneaded doughs, steam dumplings and I even have one at home. My family benefits from real, fast and easy cooking every day”

- Tore Stalsberg, chef at Scandic Maritim in Haugesund

“Here at Kontrast, Thermomix is one of our best employees. We use it daily for many different tasks. Everything from mixing purees and creams, to making hollandaise sauces, duck liver cream and other hot stuff. The demand to use our Thermomix was so high that we had to buy one more.”

- Mikael Svensson, Founder-CEO-Chef at restaurant Kontrast in Oslo  (Michelin star)

“I use it (Thermomix) for everything”

- Kim Daniel Mikalsen, chef

“Thermomix is one of the most important tools we have in the kitchen”

- Chef, Nicolai Ellitsgaard Restaurant Under, Lindesnes (Michelin Star)

“I have used Thermomix since 2011. It increases food pleasure and saves me many hours in the kitchen week after week. I am very pleased and highly recommend it to both beginners and advanced food makers”

- Olav Birkeland, hobby-chef and food lover

“I am still in the early learning stages with my Thermomix, none the less I am pleased with it so far. I have managed to make several servings of very airy and good yeast dough, fragrant soups and pestos and it chops nuts and almonds at an amazing pace. I look forward to using it further.”

- Marit Westlie, blogger / influencer

“With the help of Thermomix, it is easier to improve your diet and change your lifestyle”

- Margit Vea, dietician, course instructor & author

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