About Us

“Our vision is to contribute to more Norwegians making food from scratch, easier and quicker.”

Mixto is a result of a passion for genuine and pure food! Our vision is to contribute to more Norwegians making food from scratch, simpler and quicker. We are a small family-owned company, founded 10 February 2018, based in Skøyen, Oslo.

We connect with consultants all over the country. People sharing our passion for pure food, and who want to share their passion and their experience.

Showroom Sandvika

  • Drammensveien 127, 0277 Oslo
  • Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
  • We are also open for advertised demonstrations and courses, as well as by appointment (contact customer service). But mostly, we arrange free and non-binding home demonstrations.

Our service and repair department are at the same address. Delivery and pick-up of machines must be agreed in advance.

Our classes

We offer the following classes:

Mixto Thermomix food-making class Level 1

  • This class is organised every month and is suitable for new owners of Thermomix.


We make a refreshing welcoming drink, a baked item, a dinner and desert with Thermomix!

FREE for all new owners of Thermomix, who have purchased their machine from Mixto AS.


Mixto Thermomix cooking class Level 2

This class is held quarterly. Here you will be inspired to take your use of Thermomix to “the next level”. Theme and content will vary.

  • How to cook in Thermomix using own recipes
  • Every class has its own theme, such as: “Norwegian home fare”, “Indian food”, “Vegetarian/vegan food”, “Food for intolerances”, etc.


Master cook in a wink

Let yourself be inspired to lift your cooking to a new level, with new products, tastes, tips and tricks with Thermomix! The class is suited for anyone who wants to impress their guests and be a master cook in a quick and simple way.

The class is led by a professional cook, who will guide you through an exquisite party menu in 3-4 hours. The menu will vary, depending on availability of products. Finally, table setting and enjoying the meal.


In this class you will learn to:

  • Prepare a menu that will impress your guests.
  • Set up a shopping list and calculate how much you will need
  • Calculate time and set up a fixed plan
  • Make preparations and set up the sequence
  • Use Thermomix and other useful tools for the preparation.
  • Complete and present